Organic Edible Garden


I’ve wanted to plant a vegetable garden for years.  Just a few months ago, Javier and I cleared a large area of our backyard.  He made raised planter beds and left the rest up to me.  The weather finally warmed up just in time for Spring season plantings.

Bobcat Javier

I filled the planter beds with organic soil and steer manure for added nutrients.  I purchased small plants ready for transplanting as well as seeds.  I thought that if the seeds didn’t take that I would at least have something to harvest in a few months.

organic soil planter beds

I planted both herbs and vegetables.  For the plants, I got three varieties of blueberries, Sunshine Blue, Misty, and Sharpblue.  Experts suggest planting at least two types next to each other.  The cross-pollination increases fruit production exponentially.  Yaaaa!  That means more blueberry pancakes, and muffins, and donuts, etc.

organic blueberries


I also planted a new variety of raspberry called Raspberry Shortcake.  It is a low-growing thornless variety.

Raspberry Shortcake

Raspberry Shortcake

For the herbs, I planted Upright Rosemary, Italian Oregano, Cinnamon Basil aka Thai Basil, Sweet Basil, French Thyme, Honey Sage, Spearmint, and Fernleaf Dill.  I also planted Cilantro seeds.

organic upright rosemary

Upright Rosemary

Organic Italian oregano

Italian Oregano

cinnamon or Thai basil

Cinnamon/Thai Basil

sweet basil

Sweet Basil

organic French Thyme

French Thyme

Honey sage

Honey Sage



fernleaf dill

Fernleaf Dill

Cilantro seeds

Cilantro seeds

For the vegetables, I planted three varieties of bell pepper, Red Beauty, California Wonder, and Chocolate Beauty.  I planted two different hot peppers, the Super Chili and the Anaheim Chili.  The Super is a hot and spicy type whereas the Anaheim is on the sweeter side of the spectrum.

Red Beauty bell pepper

Red Beauty Bell Pepper

California Wonder green bell pepper

California Wonder Green Bell Pepper

chocolate beauty bell pepper

Chocolate Beauty Bell Pepper

super chili pepper

Super Chili Pepper

anaheim chili pepper

Anaheim Chili Pepper

I also planted a variety of white onions called Candy.  I’m hoping they are similar to Maui onions.  I recently buried some green onion bulbs, which were scraps from my kitchen, in hopes they would sprout new leaves.

candy white onions

Candy White Onions

I love cabbage and lettuce so I got several varieties.  I planted Gonzales cabbage plants.  These tend to mature into small cabbage heads, perfect for small families.  I planted Pak Choi, Russian Kale as well as well as Nero Toscana Italian Kale seeds and Broccoli Raab seeds.

gonzales cabbage

Gonzales Cabbage

pak choi

Pak Choi

russian kale

Red Russian Kale

kale and broccoli seeds

Nero Toscana Kale and Broccoli Raab seeds

I planted Red Swiss Chard, Gourmet Baby Greens lettuce, and Little Gem Romaine lettuce seeds.

swiss chard seeds

Red Swiss Chard seeds

lettuce seeds

Lettuce seeds

I decided to add a Juliet Grape Tomato and an Ichiban eggplant.

juliet grape tomato

Juliet Grape Tomato

ichiban eggplant

Ichiban Eggplant

All of these vegetables will take anywhere from 45 to 120 days to harvest.  I will be watching the growth from week to week.



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