Why do this?

My name is Javier, founder of Leap In, and I’m on a mission to share my knowledge I have acquired over the years regarding safety, fitness, outdoor activities, music, entrepreneurship, and other stuff you might find interesting.  My experience and knowledge stems from my time in the military, a search & rescue volunteer, business owner, licensed contractor, a musician, certified rescue diver and more.

The goal is to inspire people to get out there to try new and exciting things they always contemplated doing. Everyone can benefit from a little bit of inspiration to give them a push to become great. Leap In, live your life to the fullest and have fun.


I’m Celeste, co-founder of Leap-In,  and my interests include living a healthy lifestyle with moments of indulgence.  I’ve been motivated to  “leap in” to running for fitness and eating more natural unprocessed foods.  By sharing my journey of these adventures as well as new ones I hope to motivate you to “leap in” to trying something new.

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