Experiencing Asia Starts in Tokyo


I traveled to Asia for the first time ever and made sure to visit as many major attractions as time would allow while enjoying great food along the way.

welcome to japan


Our first day in Tokyo was greeted with intermittent downpours and hot temperatures.  But no cared about the humidity, we were in Japan!  What’s the best way to start the day?  With ramen, of course, the breakfast of champions.  We ate at a small shop located in a basement near our hotel in Akasaka.  We ordered Tsukemen Ramen, which is served with the noodles in a separate bowl than the flavor rich broth.

tsukemen ramen

tsukemen ramen broth

With proper decorum, we dipped our noodles in the tasty broth and slurped up all the savory tasty goodness.


After our bellies were full of energy rich carbs and porky protein, we hopped on the subway train to the famous Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station


We walked through the Imperial Palace Garden.  It was a beautiful contrast of old architecture of Imperial Japan with a backdrop of modern skyscrapers of the business district of Tokyo.

imperial palace


We also visited the Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple.

Sensoji temple


I loved walking through the ginzas and seeing the different shops and snack foods.  A must eat food on my list was red bean pancake and low and behold, we came upon a red bean pancake shop.  I had to stop to get one of the warm fresh cakes in the shape of a fish.  I loved it!

red bean pancake fish


Dinner time is approaching and “what’s for dinner?” is on our minds.  It was time to have THE best katsu in town at Maisen.  They take katsu to whole other level.  You have your choice of different grades and breeds of pork.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  The crust is like no other.  It is not like most katsu we’ve had in the U.S. made with ordinary panko crumbs.  I don’t know what their crust is made of but it is the crispiest non-greasy texture blanketing the most tender juicy slice of pork to ever enter my mouth.  It is now the gold standard by which all katsu will be compared to.

maisen katsu


The night is still young so we walked off our dinner by walking the streets of technology central of Akihabara and experiencing the famous Shibuya crossing.  Thousands of people cross this intersection on a daily basis and we can now say we’ve been there and done that.


Shibuya crossing

Day one of Tokyo was full of wonderful sights, sounds, and tastes.  There was nothing I didn’t love and I’m ready for another day tomorrow.

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