Diva Dash 5K-San Diego


After all those months of training, Race Day is here.  The Diva Dash 5K in San Diego is an all Women’s Obstacle Adventure Run.  The event was held at Bonita Cove at Mission Bay, San Diego on March 23, 2013.  It was an overcast morning with a chill in the air.  Our excitement and adrenaline kept us warm.

Diva Dash Start Line

Our FunRunners team include seven Divas, who have been training for this day.  We were pumped and ready to go.

FunRunners Diva Dash team


Our first obstacle was the “spider web”.  I felt like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment.  This was fairly easy to maneuver.

Spider webs

coming out of the web


It was a short run to the second obstacle, which was a series of six water-filled K-rails.  My Diva training definitely came in handy for this obstacle.  The tricep dips and lat pulls helped me lift my body up and over the K-rails.

K-rail barriers


The course proceeded down to the sand at the water’s edge for a decent distance.

sand run


The third obstacle was the Swinging Steps, which was a series of webbing straps straddled between metal handrails.  This was the most difficult obstacle of all.  The straps were not placed equidistant apart.  I’m pretty tall with long legs and I had a hard time traversing from some of the steps.  I actually lost my footing on the longest step, but I picked up and continued on without skipping a beat.

Diva Dash Swinging Steps

Swinging Steps in action


The next length was probably a full mile running on sand.  The sand was compacted in some sections and fluffy in others.  Watching our step was critical.  Needless to say this was a great leg workout.  This unofficial obstacle even got to some of the best of us.

Long stretch of sand on Diva Dash course

Diva Dash sand gets to even the best of us

The fourth obstacle required us to carry a two-foot log under each arm along a 25-foot serpentine route.  Strength and stamina were not really issues here.

Diva Dash Log obstacle


There was more sand running to the next obstacle, which was the Monster Tire Pile.  Taking time to strategize each step was required.  The tires were bouncy and not stable.  This one intimidated of few of my fellow runners.

Diva Dash Monster Tire Pile

atop the Diva Dash Monster Tire Pile

Conquered the Diva Dash Monster Tire Pile


The last length of the sand run led up to the Reef Rock wall, Mother Nature’s obstacle.  It wasn’t difficult.  The boulders were large and had a few large flat edges to use.


A run up to the grass led up to the turnaround point.  The next obstacle was a Rat Maze with a net over the top.  The clearance was 3 feet.  We had to walk bent over with a flat back and bent legs.  We had to follow each other along the maze, which meant our head was directly behind someone else’s butt.  There was a bit of a traffic jam at one point and I yelled, “Stop!”  so as to avoid getting head-butted, literally.


The next part of the course was a long run on the concrete sidewalk, which was flanged by beautiful homes and beach sand.  Most of the runners found the concrete to be a relief.

Diva Dash the sidewalk stretch of the course


The eighth obstacle was another Monster Tire Pile.  Just when I thought I would never have to see the same obstacles for at least a year, I am faced with the tire mountain.  I’ve done it before, I can do it again.

The 2nd Diva Dash Monster Tire Pile

Back up to the sidewalk to continue running, the finish line is in sight but not before a few more obstacles.  The dreaded Monkey Bars were not as bad as I had imagined.  I grabbed each bar using my momentum to get me through.

Diva Dash Monkey Bars 1

Diva Dash Monkey Bars 2

Diva Dash Monkey Bars


Running to the next obstacle, the A-frame Rope Ladder.  Getting up to the top was a breeze.  The view from the top was a bit scary.

Diva Dash Rope Ladder

Diva Dash Rope Ladder


The last obstacle was just ahead, the Balls and Tires.  This was the most fun.  I hopped through the tires and slapped those giant pink balls out of my way.

Diva Dash Balls and Tires

Diva Dash Balls and Tires


Now, I was off and running to the Finish Line.  Done!  We did it!

Diva Dash Finish Line

FunRunners are done

There were 11 official obstacles total that we had to traverse along the entire Diva Dash 5K course.  The sand was the unofficial obstacle that kicked our butt.  We started at 10:00 am and finished at around 10:40.  Not bad, for running 3.1 miles on sand, grass, and concrete with 11 fun obstacles in the way.  It was a blast.  I can’t wait to run our next event.


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